Creative space design

“Hundertwasser student, who never truly followed his master. The result: an unmistakably unique Schreiner.
“Nothing is safe from him - paintings, furniture, spaces, lamps und anything else, of which humans are cognizant.
“Schreiner is foremost an interior decorator. Art is not an end in itself, rather an impresion of life, rendered in color, chiseled out of stone, carved from wood or magicly transformed unto a wall as mosaic, fresco or as  terrace floor to be tread upon daily“
                                                                                     Bob Gedat(edition art of life)


1957 born in linz,
high school for civil engineering
studies in German languages and literature and history at the University of Vienna
studies in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna
masterclass with Friedensreich Hundertwasser.
Schreiner has been self employed since 1986 as artistic designer.

Creations and modus vivendi

Schreiner uses a variety of materials such as  glass, inlays, mosaics, fabrics, natural forms, whereby materials that reflect light are preferred.
Schreiner also uses wood to join air and light with the earth.
He represents and is beholden to a form of design that derives from a creative interplay between clients and an intuitive approach to the potential of a given space.

       ...around the water faucet on a wall in the yard a waterfall of mosaic glass emerges; or  in a cosy corner  there appears a curved bench.

In this dialog with clients and space the space itself assumes a dynamic of its own.

The situation itself determines what kind of spaces will be created for working, living, recreation, and contentment - arias for meeting and exchange.