About my spaces

In my paintings I speak of the rooms in the house which we live in.
These are rooms that build upon each other and meet – rooms that often know nothing of each other but are still connected in many ways.

Stay! Be patient! Look! Enter! Explore! 
 by opening my rooms you will be able to open your own rooms.
Your house is enormous and you still don't know it!
Don't flee just because you don't understand or see!
If you want to see you will have to learn how  - and you will determine the limits of your room and it will be immediately apparent to you that my room is at once your room just as your rooms is mine.
And then you will understand just how mysterious and manifold our rooms  - you and I  - are bound to each other until we approach the ultimate realization that all of our rooms and houses and ideas have all emerged from a Whole: out of the eternal, undivided, divine Self (1986)